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Group Session


1 hour zoom session covering a topic of your choice.  Common sessions include: Autoimmune issues and nutrition (including AIP) Weight management Women’s heath at various life cycle stages Disordered eating and eating disorders * MINIMUM 5 PARTICIPANTS

Group Weight Management Package


6 session support group. Includes: Personalized nutrition assessment and plan Weekly group counselling and virtual weigh-ins (1 hour) via zoom *MINIMUM 5 PARTICIPANTS



MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, WOMEN NEED TO BAND TOGETHER AND FOCUS THEIR ENERGY INWARD, TO IMPROVE THEIR HEALTH AND WELL BEING. TOP MODEL CHALLENGE 8 week group session challenge geared for women who have “shelved themselves”.  Getting back to the...

Nutrition Assessment & Plan (Virtual / In-Person) - 1Hr Session


A complete nutrition assessment will be conducted in order to create a personalized plan, including recipes and menu ideas. Your plan will be customized in order to: Achieve the right ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for your specific health,...

Nutrition Counselling Session (Virtual / In-Person) - 30Min Session


Follow-up session to your nutrition assessment in order to: Monitor meal plan and make changes to plan as necessary Help with lifestyle changes related to your health and nutritional goals using   behaviour modification therapy and motivational interviewing

Online Nutrition Assessment & Plan


A questionnaire and food diary form will be sent to you following the purchase of this product.  Once completed, within 24 hours of receipt of these forms you will be emailed your personalized nutritional plan. Your plan will be customized...

Unlimited Text Support & Weekly Check-Ins (Per Month)


Via text or email we will monitor and adjust your plan as needed.  You will be able to text or email your food records, weekly goals, and weight/bowel movement tracker or lab changes in order to receive feedback.  Motivational Interviewing...